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lulu vesper

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Miss Pinup UK is a fabulous competition celebrating all ladies who embody Pinup style and glamour!

After competing in 2015's competition, Lulu was lucky enough to win the title.

For more information about the competition visit www.pinupuk.com

Lulu's journey began by applying and creating her Pinup UK profile; once this had gone live, it was time to rally up support for 'likes' on facebook and the website. Quarter finalists were then announced and it was time for the competition to really start!

Lulu then attended the regional quarter finals and performed at a public event with 12 other lovely ladies. The event consisted of a Q&A round with the judges and then a 'special talent' round. Lulu's talent was 'sing'n'fling' but the possiblities are endless! Lulu and two others were selected to attend the semi finals at London Tattoo Convention, joining 17 other ladies from around the country.

The semi finals involved another Q&A, another special talent and of course, another outfit! All the ladies were cheered on by a large crowd and supported by some fabulous mentors, judges and the Pinup Uk team. Results are in....Lulu was through to the finals!

8 pinup ladies went through to the finals on the Saturday at the Tattoo Convention which involved one final Q&A session, a final performance and you guessed it....another outfit! After performances, Miss Pinup UK, Miss Tease & Cake and Mr Hairy Rascal took place and winners were announced. On the Saturday evening, results were in and Lulu Vesper was crowned Miss Pinup UK!!

The competition is sponsored by some incredible companies and Lulu won some fantastic prizes.

Lulu's journey to become Miss Pinup UK...

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